So when I finish highschool I plan to live in London for about 9 months before I start college. I want to go to G-A-Y and experience all that crazy shit. But them I’m going to fall in love with a really cute british guy and we are going to be boyfriends and we are going to be all the time doing cute cheesy stuff, but then tragedy is going to come because I’ll have to go to college (Florida) and then we are going to brake up and we are going to be at the London airport crying and kissing and then we’ll say goodbye…forever :””(

I hope someone reads this because I spent a lot of time writing it -.-

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  1. x-backspace said: Ew. Don’t come to Florida. =/
  2. v-iet said: Don’t plan on breaking your own heart. That’s painful to even think about.
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